Mobsters shook down a Queens labor union for two decades, prosecutors say

Andrew “Mush” Russo is shown here in an undated, vintage photo. (Photo: SOURCE, Graphic: Ethanb822)

A sweeping indictment was unsealed Tuesday in a federal court in Brooklyn, charging 14 defendants, including members and associates of the Colombo crime family, with labor racketeering, extortion, and money laundering in an alleged 20-year plot to take over a Queens labor union and its employee health insurance program.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (The Sacramento Update) — An employee at the California Department of Public Health’s Office of AIDS in Sacramento has been charged with wire fraud and money laundering charges for allegedly working with several others to divert $2 million in department funds.

Christine M. Iwamoto has been charged with…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (The Sacramento Update) — Two Sacramento men have been hit with federal charges for their alleged illegal manufacturing and sale of various firearms, including assault weapons, to undercover ATF agents and informants.

Andrew Jace Larrabure-Tuma and Juan Manriquez both face one count of unlawful manufacturing and dealing in…

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