Feds charge Lil Durk affiliates in slaying of FBG Duck

Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune

A RICO indictment unsealed this week in a federal court in Chicago charges five alleged O-Block gang members in a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy that eventually culminated in the slaying of fellow Chicagoan and rapper FBG Duck.

Duck, whose real name was Carlton Weekly, was gunned down in August of 2020 while shopping with a friend at high-end stores in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood. Photos from the scene that went viral online show Weekly lying on the ground in pain after being shot, but he was later announced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

According to Chicago Police, Weekly’s death was the product of an intense gang feud he had with O-Block as a member of the Tookaville faction of the Gangster Disciples, originally founded by Larry Hoover in 1968.

Police say Weekly’s faction operated in a “high threat level conflict” area and distributed a warning to four police districts following his death due to the possibility of retaliatory violence.

“Intelligence suggests that both these gangs are in possession of large caliber and high capacity firearms,” the advisory said.

O-Block, the 6400 block of South King Drive at the Parkway Garden Homes, is named after local murder victim Odee Perry, who was fatally shot at the age of 20 in a gang dispute. The street is one of Chicago’s most violent blocks and, at one point, had the most shootings of any in the city.

The indictment, originally filed in September, paints a picture of violence enforced with an iron fist around the windy city’s South Side by the gang, who allegedly used social media and music to brag about their endeavors.

Charged with committing murder in aid of racketeering are Charles Liggins, aka “C Murda”, Kenneth Roberson, aka “Kenny Mac”, Tacarlos Offerd, aka “Los”, Christopher Thomas, aka “C Thang”, and Marcus Smart, aka “Muwop.” The men are also charged with assault in aid of racketeering and several firearm violations.

The men are closely connected to Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who had a strained relationship with Weekly and often expressed it in his music, name-dropping Weekly in disrespectful bars. Many believe Weekly’s song “Dead Bitches” might have fast-tracked the dispute with his rivals, which led to his killing according to federal prosecutors.

If convicted of Weekly’s murder, the men face a minimum sentence of life in prison and could possibly face the death penalty. One of the firearm charges is also punishable by death, and the other is punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life. The assault counts are punishable by a maximum of 20 years.

Liggins, Offerd, Thomas, and Smart were arrested on Wednesday. Roberson, already in custody at the Cook County Department of Corrections, will appear in court at a later date.

The arrest comes as the second recent takedown of a close affiliate of Lil Durk. OTF Boona, whose real name is Michael L. Golden, was recently arrested for his role in a shooting at an Atlanta Mall that injured a six-year-old boy.



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