Floyd Roseberry, man who claimed to have bomb near US Capitol, charged and held in jail

Floyd Ray Roseberry (DMV via FBI)

Floyd Ray Roseberry, the man who triggered an hours-long standoff when he parked his Chevrolet pickup truck outside of the Library of Congress Thursday and told police he had a bomb, was charged in a federal court in Washington DC with threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to use an explosive device. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Court documents outline yesterday’s episode, in which Roseberry, 49, pulled his truck onto the sidewalk and began shouting that he had a bomb, rambling on about several antigovernment complaints in a chaotic Facebook live stream. During the stream, he said he brought the would-be bomb to the Capitol in an effort to “get Joe Biden on the phone.”

“We here. The fucking revolution starts today Joe Biden,” he said. “And before you go crackin’ any pop on me, you better get your military experts out, ask them motherfuckers what a 7 pound keg of gun powder will do with 2.5 pound of tannerite on that motherfucker.”

As Roseberry’s threat wreaked havoc on DC and generated viral traction online, a local law enforcement officer in North Carolina, where Roseberry hails from, called the FBI and said he received a report about him the previous day.

A member of Roseberry’s family had contacted the police, said he had expressed anti-government views, and intended to travel to either Virginia or DC to act on them. The family member said Roseberry had ordered a trench coat to “protect himself from Taser and pepper ball guns” and that he planned to “just tip his cowboy hat at the police.” The same complainant later confirmed Roseberry’s identity to the FBI.

During the multi-hour standoff, Roseberry communicated with law enforcement by scrawling out messages on a dry-erase board he pressed up against the truck window. Messages Roseberry wrote included “please don’t shoot the windows the vibe will explode the bomb,” and “decimals[sic] is what sets off not me.”

As authorities sent a phone to Roseberry in an effort to continue the conversations with him, he crawled out of the truck and surrendered to them on his own. The vehicle was later cleared by DC Metro Police.

The item Roseberry held, that he said was a bomb, was a rusted can with around 2 inches of an unknown powder in the bottom and a “fabricated trigger” attached to the top. The can was sent to an FBI lab for further testing, according to court papers.

A federal magistrate judge ordered Roseberry detained pending his return to court for a mental competency hearing on Wednesday the 25th, where he will be represented by federal public defender David Walker Bos.



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