He Was Running for His Life. Deputies Shot Him in the Back.

A Timeline of Kevin Peterson Jr’s death at the hands of Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Kevin Peterson Jr’s Memorial | Allison Dinner/AFP via Getty Images

Some huge news was revealed this week involving the shooting of 21-year-old Kevin Peterson. Authorities released it very late, on the night before Thanksgiving, hoping most of the public would miss it.

I didn’t miss it.

The investigating entity, the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office, released this information in the form of a YouTube Video laced with baseless claims, unprovable concepts, and one-sided commentary that ultimately leaves viewers with more questions than answers. They chose to withhold important information that you wouldn’t notice about the video unless it was pointed out to you.

I’m going to show it to you.

The Quality Inn at 7001 NE Highway 99, where Kevin Peterson was originally approached by deputies. | Google Earth. |

On October 29th, 2020, Clark County, Washington, Sheriff’s Office drug investigators Jeremy Brown and Robert Anderson received information that a Black male driving a Mercedes would be delivering Xanax to the parking lot of a Quality Inn at 7001 NE Highway 99, in Vancouver, Washington.

At approximately 5:51 P.M, the detectives observed a Black male in a Mercedes pull into the parking lot of the Quality Inn. This Black male was Kevin Peterson Jr, a 21-year old father, and former Highschool Athlete.

At 5:53, the detectives blocked Peterson’s car in. He got out and fled on foot.

Peterson (Bottom Left) running on foot from Police with his hands in his pockets. | Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office. |

He ran around the corner, out of view of surveillance cameras.

During this time, Detectives claim he drops a handgun and briefly stops to pick it back up. There’s no proof of this.

Moments later, the detectives stopped pursuing Peterson and requested emergency assistance from all nearby law enforcement. Patrol Deputy Jonathan Feller and multiple other LEO Officers began responding.

Peterson, now walking, continued south around the Quality Inn and towards the U.S. Bank at 6829 NE Highway 99.

The U.S. Bank at 6829 NE Highway 99, where Peterson ran to | Google Earth. |

Peterson is recorded on surveillance footage walking south, on the East side of the US Bank. His right hand appears to be up. This is consistent with witness claims stating he was on the phone with his girlfriend.

Peterson Jr (left, black clothing) walks south next to the U.S. Bank. His right hand is up. | U.S. Bank |

At 5:55 P.M, Peterson is observed by Detective Brown, who was sitting in the parking lot as he watched Peterson walking. Deputy Feller and Detective Anderson arrived at the lot shortly after.

Detectives Brown and Anderson, and Deputy Feller arriving at the U.S. Bank Lot | U.S. Bank |

Peterson continued to the southeast corner of the U.S. Bank, holding a cell-phone in his hands. This corroborates witness statements that he was on the phone with his girlfriend. Peterson turned North, upon noticing police, and started to run back the way he came.

Peterson running North past the U.S. Bank, appearing non-threatening | U.S. Bank |
Peterson running North past the U.S. Bank, appearing non-threatening | U.S. Bank |
Peterson running North past the U.S. Bank, appearing non-threatening | U.S. Bank |

At this time, deputies open fire and shoot Peterson in the back as he runs away from them. Peterson had nothing in his hands and was no imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to Law Enforcement or the public.

Peterson falls to the ground and the stray bullets hit a nearby dirt mound. Dust and dirt particles kick up as the bullet makes an impact.

Peterson falling as he’s shot in the back while fleeing. | U.S. Bank |
Peterson falls forward, landing on his stomach. | U.S. Bank |

This is where the police version of the story becomes misleading.

From the beginning, Clark County Sheriff’s officials remained adamant that Peterson fired at officers, and that he fired first.

The video shows us that neither claim was true. If the surveillance footage from the U.S. Bank didn’t exist, they would’ve continued to lie.

After being shot at least once, Peterson sat up, holding an object out in front of him. It’s unclear what this is. Witnesses and family claim it was his cell phone, police now claim it was a gun. The deputies shot at Peterson 34 times, striking him four times.

That’s thirty stray bullets flying through a parking lot with cars in it. They could’ve easily hit innocent bystanders, a theme we see in police shootings all too often.

Peterson sitting up, holding an object out in front of him | U.S. Bank |

Even if the object Peterson drew was a gun, was he truly at fault for doing that? They shot him in the back. If you’re running from someone and they shoot you in the back, and you have a gun, you’re most likely going to draw as well.

This is called the Fight or Flight response. It’s a stress response present in the human body based on the choices our ancient ancestors had when faced with danger in their environment. They could either fight or flee. It’s present for all of us.

You have to remember, in situations with police, many people, especially Black people, are already afraid of them. These shooting victims are terrified while being pursued. They have a million thoughts racing through their mind. They don’t make the same choices you or I sitting at home think we would make. There just isn’t enough time to think that fast.

Peterson had already tried to flee. Now Deputies are shooting him in the back, trying to kill him. So, if what he pulled out was in-fact a gun, he naturally went with a final last-ditch effort to save his own life. Can he really be blamed for that?

I don’t think so.

Deputies move in on Peterson. The black object is circled in red. Police claim this was a gun. | Clark County Sheriff’s Office |

At 6:00 P.M, deputies began to move in on Peterson’s lifeless body. He was handcuffed and administered unsuccessful first-aid. He would later die on the scene.

This video confirms that what I said was right, what Peterson family attorney Ben Crump said was right, what all the witnesses said was right, and that the police lied about it.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has a lot of explaining to do now. This case has all the hallmarks of a clear cover-up. The information is slowly coming out, and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is digging itself into a deeper hole as the weeks go by.

The shooting will now be reviewed by the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, according to Clark County prosecutor Tony Golik.

This video makes it extremely apparent that Kevin Peterson was shot to death over a little bag of Xanax.

I pray that the Prosecutor’s Office makes the right decision.

Kevin Peterson Jr smiling at a wedding in 2017 | Jake Thompson |



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