Inmate files federal civil rights lawsuit claiming he was attacked by Wasco State Prison guard

Wasco State Prison [PHOTO: Nexstar Media]

Christopher Czechorowski, a state inmate currently housed at CSP Corocan, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday accusing a guard of brutally beating him at Wasco State Prison in April. Records show Czechorowski was housed there following a conviction for carrying a dagger in 2020.

Czechorowski, about 26, accused “T. Nieblas”, a correctional officer, of accosting him as he walked back to his bunk for “unknown reasons.” Czechorowski said he feared for his life and began to run as Nieblas grabbed his throat, pepper-sprayed him, and berated him with curse words.

Despite initially running, Czechorowski claims in a handwritten brief, he eventually complied — laying on the ground in a prone position. That’s when Nieblas began punching, the prisoner said. Czechorowski’s injuries weren’t initially documented by the CDCR, he says, but were eventually recorded on a prison log report a week after the alleged attack following a staff complaint.

Nieblas handcuffed the man and “immediately began to assault [his] face and head” with closed fists, Czechorowski wrote, allegedly leaving him with a bloody nose and swollen eyes before kicking his ribs several times. He says the attack has left him with high levels of anxiety and anguish.

“I fear for my life to be near officers,” he wrote in the lawsuit. “I have constant nightmares and can’t function due to [Niebla’s] actions.”

He’s asked the court to hold Nieblas “accountable for his actions” and wants to be released from prison — he says the lawsuit is the only thing keeping him inside.

“I’m requesting Officer T. Nieblas be held accountable for his reckless actions and the proper course be taken to address this situation,” he wrote. “Since this case is the reason I’m still incarcerated, I want to be released and [given] any compensation that is appropriate due to my pain and suffering and [the] violation of my rights.”

Records show Judge Stanley A. Boone has taken up Czechorowski’s case. The court has directed the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to provide a copy of Christopher’s trust account statement documenting the past six months.

CDCR did not return a request for comment. No attorney was listed for Czechorowski or Nieblas.




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