Newsom emerges victorious in recall election, will remain governor


California governor Gavin Newsom survived a long-awaited recall election on Tuesday evening and will remain in office, Ethanb822 projects. The prediction comes after several media outlets, including the Associated Press and CNN, called the election in favor of the governor and was calculated using publicly available election data.

Newsom, 53, is now the second governor in the history of the country to survive a recall election. The Republican-led effort to oust him picked up serious steam in the midst of the governor’s strict COVID-19 policies, a duplication of the national political divide over the infectious virus.

Newsom was backed by several big-name political players in the Democratic party, including Joe Biden, and his recall win solidifies his position as a key Democrat politician and protects any future runs for public office. President Biden joined Newsom on Monday to campaign against the recall, where the two political giants urged California to vote the influence of former President Trump away.

“Voting no will be protecting California from Trump Republicans trying to block us from beating this pandemic,” Biden said. “Gavin Newsom has had the courage to lead, stand up for science, for the very thing he’s been one of the leading governors in the nation — protecting people and vaccinating his state.”

Newsom himself declared victory to reporters on Tuesday evening, where he called for more unity to counter political division and championed California voters for protecting “all those things that we hold dear” including social justice, environmental justice, and racial justice.

“Thank you all very much, and thank you to 40 million Americans, 40 million Californians, and thank you for rejecting this recall,” Newsom said to cap off an emotional speech. The governor cemented his gratitude in a tweet shortly after the speech was over.

“Tonight, California voted NO on the recall and YES to… Science. Women’s rights. Immigrant rights. The minimum wage. The environment. Our future,” he wrote. “We rejected cynicism and bigotry and chose hope and progress. Thank you, California.”




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